10 - 24 NOVEMBER 2015

Patrick Bourne & Co
6 St James’s Place, London SW1A 1NP
tel: + 44 (0)20 3696 5285

“My first startling encounter with Haidee Becker’s
painting is refreshing with each new exhibition.
Friends of hers and mine had left with her their two
children for a few days. When I saw the portraits of the
two, painted during those days, the shock of their live
presence, in such marvelously fluid and moulded colours,
was something I shall never forget. Those pictures became,
for me, an ideal, of portraiture. The painted surface like
some kind of precious substance - nothing fixed or cold,
yet nothing arbitary or external - and a vibrant immediacy
of the person.

After that, I got to know some of her still lives and flowers.
They have, for me, the essential quality; the revelation of a
passionate inwardsness, like portraits of hypnagogic images
just about to materialize, lit and shadowed with a turbulent yet
magnetic inner form. The depth is the psychological depth of
great sweetness - gently and powerfully focused. Living with
them has confirmed all my first impressions about them.”

Ted Hughes
Poet Laureate of Great Britain